Talkback is a method for overcoming TMS chronic pain pioneered by the late Dr. Sarno. He was the doctor who discovered the mind-body connection. He was looking for a way to end chronic pain patients’ suffering. He created a system of pain management and effective treatment strategies aimed at treating emotional pain, which would then treat any physical manifestations. His methods, including talkback, have helped thousands of people live a pain-free life again. Read on for 10 tips and tricks you can use while taking back your life with talkback.

#1: Turn Off Your Fear

One of the best ways to reprogram your brain is by talking to your brain and body. It may sound silly, but it is effective. You don’t have to worry about saying the right thing or doing anything specific. This is about turning off your fear of the fear in order to release your emotions. Any fear of the pain, fear of your past or fear of your worst experiences should be challenged. Turn off the part of yourself that is holding back and let those fearful things come to light. Once everything is out in the open, then you can work on addressing each one and then turning off the power they have over you, one by one.

#2: Be Firm

When speaking to your brain, there is no need to tread lightly. Be firm with yourself and what you’re trying to communicate. Use force and conviction. Be loud if you have to. Just make sure that your brain knows that you understand what it is trying to do. The curtain has been pulled aside and you know the TMS pain isn’t really a physical illness – just a way your mind has been trying to distract you.

#3: Be Clear

State exactly what you know, what you are going to do and why. Talk about specific instances which impacted you; discuss everything that you’ve been holding back in crystal clear detail. Don’t leave any memory-rock unturned. Be specific and clear about everything, in as much detail as you can – so when you’ve addressed each issue you can finally put them to rest and move on.

#4: Don’t Let Your Brain Guilt Trip You

Your brain will definitely try to stop you from overcoming the clever way it has devised to keep you from reliving the emotional or physical trauma of the past. It may bring forward feelings of guilt, shame, fear or despair. Don’t let your brain guilt trip you into not addressing the issues. Keep talking through the issues and you’ll get stronger and stronger, and that guilt-trip voice will get weaker and weaker as time goes on.

#5: Realize Feelings Make You Human

After the first few times of talkback, you may think you have too many feelings inside to ever get through properly. This isn’t true, as long as you properly address each one. Everyone has feelings of guilt occasionally. But not everyone holds on to those feelings, letting them fester inside. What you feel is who you are, but how you manage them and deal with them makes you into the person you will become.

#6: Don’t Judge Yourself

Don’t let your brain make you think you’re weak simply because of how much you are talking about your feelings. Don’t judge yourself. There is no such thing as a wrong emotion or crazy feeling. Every feeling has some basis. Everything is coming up for some particular reason.

#7: Don’t Let Others Judge You, Either

On that same note, others who hear of or see you having a talkback session may not understand how important your actions are. They may think things which are not necessarily true. Instead of letting them judge you, you can correct them or ignore them. The point is: don’t let any judgements they may have impact you finding success with the talkback strategy.

#8: Think Psychologically

Once you realize that the cause of your pain is not physical, but psychological, you will begin to think psychologically. This is good because it will allow you to analyze not only why you are feeling a certain way, but how to unpack that feeling and overcome it. Each step overcome with psychological thinking is one step closer to a pain-free life.

#9: Pick a Mantra

Over time, you may prefer the same key phrases over and over again. You may find comfort and solace in those repeated words. Make them your mantra. A mantra can help fortify you and be a quick way to recall some of the power and strength from a talkback session. My personal favorite was “f@ck off — leave me the f@ck alone.” It really helped me reprogram my brain.

#10: Keep Going

You may want to quit for any number of reasons. Don’t. Keep going. Is your mind telling you that you’re weak? Don’t listen. Keep going. Are people in your life doubting your methods? Prove them wrong and keep going. Keep going until you’ve reached personal success – a pain free life, once again loving life or even both together.

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