I'm Cecilia Collar

I help people

free themselves

from pain 

I'm Cecilia Collar

I help people

free themselves

from pain 

TMS Is not a Life Sentence. Take the Power Back and Control Your Pain

Living with TMS

Cecilia Collar is a chronic pain survivor. Cecilia was born in France but raised by Spaniards. She moved to Chicago 17 years ago and has been pain-free for a year and three months now. During the time she was living with TMS, she suffered from acute pelvic and back pain, Cecilia recalls the toll her condition had on her two daughters. It was then that she decided to confront her pain head-on and to find a way to overcome chronic pain.

Her struggle with the pain she experienced because of her TMS and how she overcame that pain has given her the determination to help other people. It is Cecilia’s goal to help people free themselves from pain and to give them hope and to guide them.

Cecilia believes that your pain is real and she is here to hold your hand through fears and rage. She strongly believes that you will heal too, just like she did. Since she learned to relieve her pain, she wants to help others achieve the same.

Cecilia was dealing with TMS most of her life without knowing it. Throughout the time that she was living with TMS, she consulted different specialists and therapists, but nothing helped relieve her pain. When she discovered Dr. Sarno and his theory of TMS and why it occurs, she was skeptical in the beginning. That is because she is a critical thinker who needed scientific proof. But when she realized that Dr. Sarno’s methods worked, she was finally free from the pain.

Cecilia learned a great deal during her search for freedom, and that is why she believes that you too can free yourself from pain. All you need to do is commit yourself to your recovery. Once you do that, there will be nothing holding you back.

Since hearing other people’s success stories helped Cecilia a great deal, she feels that her success story can help someone too – someone who is also desperate to heal. Having felt the agony of TMS, Cecilia knows how a patient with TMS feels. She understands the frustration of going from doctor to doctor and not finding relief.

In her struggle to find freedom from pain, she researched psychosomatic disorders and how pain can often be a demonstration of some underlying cause. It is during this research phase that she discovered the work of Dr. Sarno. Going through Dr. Sarno’s theories and solutions, Cecilia realized that she too was dealing with repressed emotions. While her conscious self was managing well on the outside, it was her unconscious self that was raging with anger. And it was this bucket of repressed anger that had overflowed and was causing her excruciating pain.


Taking Control

Over the course of her life, Cecilia, like many others, has gone through various challenges. From heartbreak, betrayal, separation, losing her mom, selling her home, raising her two teenage daughters, and finding her way as an actress in a highly competitive field, she has had her fair share of problems and issues. The pain she felt was her brain’s way of protecting her from unpleasant feelings. But when a point came that the pain began to control her life, Cecilia knew she had to find a way out. She was searching for peace; searching for some form of normalcy; something as simple as reading a book without pain and without her body feeling as if it was on fire. She was tired of doctors misdiagnosing her. She was tired of receiving treatments for fibromyalgia, cystic neuralgia, nerve damage, etc. She was tired of doctors telling her it was nothing but depression and that all she needed was to take some pills. She was tired of it all. And that is when she decided that it was time to take back control of her body and her mind.

Cecilia realized that her brain was tricking her. It was diverting her attention from the real issue. It was forcing her to focus on the pain rather than understand why she felt that pain. When Cecilia saw that the pain was changing her personality, she knew it was time to act. She could feel that she was not as compassionate as she used to be; not as empathetic towards others as she would have liked to be. It was at that point that she knew she couldn’t let this pain take over her life, her mind, and her personality.

Her attempts to talk to healthcare providers mostly ended in a disaster. There was this one time when she went to a resident at a teaching hospital in Chicago. Without realizing how the doctor would react, Cecilia shared her feelings with that doctor. She told her that she couldn’t take it anymore and that the pain had to stop or she would kill herself. But instead of trying to find a solution for her pain, the doctor escorted Cecilia to an emergency room and put her on a 72-hour suicide watch. Cecilia felt betrayed. All she needed was for somebody to hear her, to understand what she was saying. But that did not happen. And it was this day that Cecilia decided that she would never go to another doctor again.

How Cecilia Can Help You

Cecilia understands what you’re going through. She understands your frustration and the feeling you get when others don’t understand your pain. Cecilia believes she can help you heal because healing is a journey of your mind. She can guide you through it. She can guide you to the other side of pain.

Throughout her struggle with TMS, Cecilia finally found a solution that worked for her. She was able to change her mindset, and she was able to identify the underlying cause of her pain. Once she succeeded at that, she was able to eliminate pain from her life. Now, she wants to help others achieve the same. She wants to be your life coach so that she can help you find the real source behind your pain and help you eliminate that source so that you can eliminate that pain.

Contact Cecilia Collar

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Have a champion in your corner helping you fight against pain

Gain the knowledge and experience that she used to refocus her subconscious mind

Have someone help you develop a never-give-up attitude

Get real-life solutions to heal and to live a pain-free life

Cecilia will help you by teaching you the strategies and techniques used by Dr. Sarno. Dr. Sarno changed her life and enabled her to overcome chronic pain. Cecilia wants to be the life coach you need; someone who will make you realize that TMS is not a life sentence and that living with chronic pain is not your destiny. Contact Cecilia Collar today and learn how you can also refocus your mind and find the true source of your pain. It is possible to live a fulfilled life once again. You just need the right guidance and the right support to help you through the struggle. Living with TMS is not easy but finding a way out of it can be if you find the right help and support and if you find the right tools.

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