I'm Cecilia Collar

I help people

free themselves

from pain 

I'm Cecilia Collar

I help people

free themselves

from pain 

You can live a pain-free life with help from Cecilia Collar

TMS Coach Cecilia Collar

Cecilia Collar is a life coach providing guidance and help to people suffering from chronic pain. A chronic pain survivor herself, Cecilia Collar spent most of her adult life living with TMS but never knowing that fact. In her struggle to free herself from acute pain, Cecilia has undergone numerous consultations and treatment strategies. She was misdiagnosed not once but many times mainly because most healthcare providers either do not know about Tension myositis syndrome (TMS) or did not believe in its existence. It was pure luck that Cecilia discovered the work of Dr. Sarno. In her various attempts to understand her chronic pain issues, Cecilia studied anything and everything that was available in the form of books and online research. But it was not until she came across Dr. Sarno’s work that Cecilia realized that she had finally hit the jackpot – the path to her freedom from pain.
Now Cecilia has been pain-free for a year and a half. She achieved this through Dr. Sarno’s treatment protocol. And because she was able to get positive results, Cecilia wants others to benefit the same way she has. That is why it is now Cecilia’s goal to help people who are going through the same experiences that she did. She wants to help people who have found no solace in pain medicines, antidepressants, and muscle relaxants. She wants to help people who are fed up with their pain and those who have more or less resigned to the fact that there is no “normal” life for them anymore. Cecilia wants you to understand that this is not the case. TMS is not a way of life. TMS is not permanent. TMS can be cured. All you need is the right knowledge and the guidance.

Who is Dr. Sarno and What Does He Teach about TMS?

The spine is illuminated and links the mind and bodyTension myositis syndrome also known as the mind-body syndrome is a disorder that was first described by Dr. John Sarno, a rehabilitative physician at the New York University School of Medicine. The syndrome typically presents with some musculoskeletal and neurological symptoms that involve the lower and upper back.

According to Dr. Sarno, TMS has its origins in the subconscious mind. TMS can present with symptoms of low or upper back pain and may be accompanied by tingling, muscle spasms, numbness, burning or electric shock-like sensations. The syndrome can easily be mistaken for some other medical disorders like arthritis, spinal stenosis, muscle spasms, disc herniation or even cancer of the spine.

In his regular practice of rehabilitation medicine, Dr. Sarno has regularly been referred patients with all types of back pain. And what he observed is that a significant number of these individuals had undergone a wide variety of physical therapy exercises, injections of steroids into the spinal cord and complex spinal surgeries and yet, most failed to improve. He then started assessing these patients for psychosomatic changes and observed that many of these individuals were extremely anxious, apprehensive and stressed. He also observed that many of these patients also had a fast heart and breathing rate, profuse sweating, and increased activity of intestines. This led Dr. Sarno to believe that the nervous system was hyperactive in patients suffering from TMS and that their pain had a neural component. He thus concluded that without addressing the nerve component, these patients would not get better. That is why he addressed the mental components in his patients who complained of pain and noticed that a significant number of them had improvement in their back pain and were functional again.

TMS Healing Methods

Over time Dr. Sarno modified his treatment for TMS which today includes the following:


Dr. Sarno believes that in many instances of back pain, the mental health situation can be a trigger. Hence he strongly believes that education is a key feature of managing TMS. For example, if the individual is having low back pain with muscle spasms, simply popping a pain pill and a muscle relaxant will not help if the neural component is not addressed. However, if the patient had anxiety, managing the anxiety or relief of stress may help decrease the pain, without the need for any type of pain pill. The education component of Dr. Sarno’s treatment strategy stresses the fact that patients should understand that the cause of pain is not localized to the back but is due to excess neural activity in the brain. This way, they can understand their own psyche and how it causes the pain. The education on TMS is not formal and can be in the form of lectures, clinic visits, online written material, and DVDs.


Another component of Dr. Sarno’s treatment protocol is writing, which he believes is cathartic. For example, if a person has had a traumatic event like child abuse in the past, they can address their issues by writing down how the event affected them. This can help them overcome the negative emotions and lead to an improvement in the mental status. And Dr. Sarno’s believes that the writing is not a one-shot deal but a continuous program. The writing may also include all the past negative experiences and how they have modeled your thinking and way of life. Over time, the writing helps develop a conscious awareness and an understanding of what happened in the past; this can help release the negative emotions, leading to a decrease in chronic pain.

Normal activities

During his practice, Dr. Sarno observed that many individuals with chronic pain had adopted an unhealthy lifestyle. Because of the constant pain, these individuals had become isolated and withdrawn. This worsened their emotional status which in turn increased their pain further. Thus, Dr. Sarno believes that all individuals with chronic pain should adopt a normal lifestyle and resume the things they used to do, the things they used to like and the healthy habits they used to have. This does not mean that one should start aggressive physical exercises or aerobics. Dr. Sarno believes this can have an adverse effect. But having a normal activity level and a healthy diet is essential for every individual.

Support meetings

Another way to relax the mind and ease the pain according to Dr. Sarno is by having a support group and interacting with them on a regular basis. These meetings between people facing the same issues and challenges can help overcome fears, apprehension, and anxiety. The other advantage of support meetings is that they reinforce a positive attitude in how to overcome pain. So if you want to ask someone how do I get rid of pain, you can do so in your support group. They can share their experiences which can help you in addressing your pain.


There will be some individuals with TMS who may be unable to overcome their emotions on their own. These individuals may benefit from short-term psychotherapy. These psychotherapy sessions are designed to help patients regain confidence and improve self-esteem which are key factors required to overcome negative emotions that are actually responsible for causing the pain.

Recovery programs

Dr. Sarno and his colleagues have established formal recovery programs available both online and in clinics. These recovery programs are excellent for patients who have used TMS healing methods and are in the process of healing.


There have been many reports on the work of Dr. Sarno and its effectiveness. Several studies have shown that in as many as 57% of patients with back pain, Dr. Sarno’s treatment approach is far more successful than conventional methods.  Also, unlike conventional treatments for chronic pain, Dr. Sarno’s approach is strictly non-invasive- meaning that there are no needles, injections, drugs or surgery involved. Finally, Dr. Sarno’s approach to pain is significantly cheaper than conventional medicine and results in early and long-term cures.

How Can Cecilia Collar Help You?

Even though Dr. Sarno’s treatment of TMS is effective, his description of the disorder and treatment are not well known in mainstream medicine. In fact, most healthcare workers have no idea what TMS is. There are also some physicians who believe that Dr. Sarno’s description of TMS as a disorder is incorrect and may even be bogus. This is where Cecilia Collar can help you. Dr. Sarno’s healing methods changed Cecilia’s life. She was in excruciating pain until she discovered Dr. Sarno’s work. And once she implemented his treatment methods, she improved on a daily basis till she reached a point where she was completely pain-free. Having now lived free from pain for a year and three months, Cecilia is one of the biggest advocates of Dr. Sarno’s methods. She will help you understand his theory. She will guide you and provide you with the knowledge you need to know how his technique works and how you can use those techniques to address your emotional issues.
Once you can do that, your pain will automatically go away. The important thing is to learn how to address the issues of your unconscious mind. It is important to appreciate that unlike conventional medicine, Dr. Sarno’s approach to the treatment of TMS is low key, not expensive and is devoid of any manipulation or invasion of the body. For people who have chronic pain that is unresponsive to conventional treatments, Dr. Sarno’s treatment approach is effective. Also, unlike surgery or other invasive treatments, Dr. Sarno’s treatment approach is relatively safe and devoid of complications. In fact, Dr. Sarno’s treatment is now widely used in rehabilitation clinics which deal with patients with repetitive motion injuries. For patients, the biggest difficulty is finding a healthcare worker who can accurately diagnose TMS and understand what this syndrome entails. Since many healthcare workers do not even know
what TMS means, people with chronic pain are often referred to orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons. Don’t make that mistake. Cecilia was also referred from one doctor to another. She was diagnosed with this disorder and that disorder. She was offered this pill and that pill. But nothing worked for her till she found Dr. Sarno and his theory behind TMS. If you are a patient with chronic pain, and if you are frustrated with the treatments you’ve had so far, talk to Cecilia Collar. Cecilia is a successful life coach for patients living with TMS. She will help you heal your mind which will eventually help you heal your pain. It is time you tried an approach which is unlikely to cause you any harm but will most likely provide you with many benefits. Contact Cecilia Collar today. Your life-coach in your fight against chronic pain.

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