One of the most important things you can do to combat tension myositis syndrome (TMS), otherwise known as mind body syndrome, is to change your brain. I don’t mean via surgery or medicine. So, what do I mean? Is it possible to change it by another way? The answer is yes. You can change your brain by thinking psychologically at all times. That may sound difficult and it very well may be, but it is possible. You just need the right mental tools and willing mindset.

Everything I share with you comes from my own experience. I too had TMS. My life changed from being a high-achieving actress to feeling such immense pain every day that my own nature and potential to work even changed. I had hit rock bottom and wanted to try any way out. I tried doctors and medicine and they did not work. They had no way to help me.

So, I started looking for other ways to deal with my TMS. I read books, watched videos and researched the methods others have been successful with. I had definitely reached the point where I was willing to try anything to get my pain-free life back. I say “had” because I was able to overcome my life of pain using the techniques I’m going to talk about right now. I stayed committed and focused on getting back to normal. And it worked. Here are some of the tips I used to help retrain my brain and banish TMS:

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

First, you need to acknowledge what you’re thinking. It can be easy to “go with the flow” and not analyze anything too closely, but if you have TMS then something is wrong between your mind and your body. It is going to take analysis to figure out what that is.

One of the first things you can do is reframe your thoughts. Stop thinking things like “this will not work,” “I’m so dumb” or “I can’t do this.” Words have power. Don’t let such negative thoughts gain power over you. When do they gain power, then you might let those negative thoughts prevent you from taking positive action, therefore turning into a horrible self-fulfilling prophecy.

Combat Negative with Positive

Instead, use your thoughts to combat those doubts. Try to think positively. If you do think negatively then act as if you were in a conversation and talk back. This kind of thing is called back talk and is one of my favorite techniques. When your mind is telling you to give up or that you’re weak or unworthy, think the opposite. Tell if why you won’t give up, or why you are not weak or unworthy. Just as it was trying to convince you, turn the tables and convince it that you’re confident in yourself and want the positive outcome.

Tell It Off with Back Talk

Sometimes, it is also nice to take a different approach. Tell it off or argue with it. You can choose any language you like. Debate rationally, arguing your case, or just tell it to go away. Be firm and tell your mind that you know what it is doing but that you’re not going to let it hold power over you. By acknowledging it, but not giving it power, it helps the mind to deal with any underlying emotions in a healthier way.

Create a Mantra

Over time, when you talk back enough, you might come to the same phrase over and over again. It might be a phrase that simultaneously tells your brain/negative thoughts to back off while at the same time bringing you some sort of satisfaction or comfort. I prefer telling my brain to go “f@#$ off and leave me alone.” It works wonders. By acknowledging it, but not giving it power, it helps the mind to deal with any underlying emotions in a healthier way. If you use the same phrase often enough, just thinking it can help turn your mental state around.

Using this as well as more expansive talk back, combating negative with positive and acknowledging your thoughts are all ways to think more psychologically in your daily life. Use them and take back control of your mind and thus your body.

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