It has always been believed that our brain can only perceive pain, not heal it. For example, when one is stuck with a needle, the pain nerves in the skin get stimulated and send signals to the spinal cord. From here the nerves send the signals to specific areas of the brain, and we then sense pain. This is the traditional concept of pain and how we perceive it.

However, today, we have a much better understanding of the connection between pain and the brain. The brain is a very complex organ. Many times, it is the area where the pain actually originates. Even without any external pain stimulus, the brain can cause almost every type of pain sensation in almost any part of the body. That is why some pain specialists, who are open to the idea of the mind-body connection, believe that in cases where the brain is the center of origin, pain can be healed by refocusing the brain.

Why Does the Brain Cause Pain?

For those of you who have been following my blog, you would know by now when the brain causes pain. It is mainly because of the connection that exists between our body and our mind. When our subconscious senses negative behavior or feelings, feelings that it believes we would not be able to handle, it generates pain sensation so that we would be distracted by those negative feelings and emotions. For example, people with low back pain who show no evidence of any muscle, bone or joint injury and do not get any benefit from exercise, pain medications or surgery may be suffering pain because of their subconscious mind. Such people may be suffering from the Mind-Body syndrome and could be completely pain-free if they could learn the art of refocusing their brain.

This process of refocusing the brain to ease the pain is called neuroplasticity. What you do is that you strengthen the neural networks that control pain to ease off and to instead fire neurons that will make you feel happy and generate an overall sense of well-being.

How Does One Get the Brain to Refocus

To refocus your brain, you have to counter the pain stimulus with another form of stimulation which could either be visual, auditory or verbal. For example, whenever you start to feel pain, you can concentrate on a pleasant thought, feeling or image that would have the ability to override your pain. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to learn how to do this immediately. You will have to practice; train your mind and train yourself to be able to achieve this. It may take some time to overcome the pain, but once you can refocus your brain, you will see that this technique works.

Different people use different strategies to refocus their brain. Some play music; others watch videos; some others meditate; and yet there are some who dance, swim, walk, run or hike. It completely depends on what relaxes you, what makes you happy and what activities are powerful enough to distract you from pain. When you practice this distraction therapy regularly, you will see that the pain is not as severe. That is simply because you have taken power away from your subconscious mind and you have regained control of your brain.

You may need to practice this technique regularly so that the pain does not regain control of your mind and your body. But if you want to be able to this successfully, you first have to understand that this only applies to pain that originates in the brain. This technique will not work well if you have a broken bone. In such a case, your pain will only subside if you treat the broken bone. That is why the first step is to determine the source of your pain. This may take some time as it is not easy to always determine that the pain is only from the brain. Once an accurate diagnosis is made, you can then start to refocus. Refocusing of the brain can be used to ease pain from other causes also, but it is most successful at lowering pain that is mediated by the brain. Try it. It will definitely make a big difference in your life.

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