Many people in the US suffer from debilitating pain. For the majority of these individuals, current treatment strategies generally involve the use of expensive prescription medications and complex surgical procedures. Both of these strategies are not only ineffective in many ways but are also associated with a high number of complications.

For the most part, in traditional medicine, people who suffer from chronic back pain are assumed to have a physical cause. They are mostly misdiagnosed and mistreated mainly because healthcare providers are not open to evaluating other causes or to really talk to the patients to determine what else might be going on with them.

When Dr. Sarno, a rehabilitative specialist at The New York University School of Medicine, came into the forefront and took a unique approach to pain management, he more or less revolutionized treatment strategies for patients suffering from TMS.

Dr. Sarno was among the first few people who realized that a large number of back pain patients who were referred to him had no real physical cause. This was evident from their diagnostic tests. After carefully assessing these individuals, he realized that the underlying cause of the pain in these patients might be psychological. Thus, he started to treat these patients with a completely different approach.

He no longer recommended drugs or surgery for them but instead, he worked on addressing their emotional issues and helping them overcome those issues. He noted that the majority of his patients improved with this new treatment strategy. Once the patients also understood Dr. Sarno’s philosophy and his theory, they too began to take an active role in the healing process. Emotional and psychological issues run deep. Our unconscious mind plays an important role in tricking our conscious mind to behave in a certain manner. Our brain masks our emotional issues through the pain. That is what Dr. Sarno understood, and that is what he treated.

Soon Dr. Sarno started to write about his work on how back pain may be linked to the emotional state of mind. While skeptics claimed that this thinking was bogus, study after study showed that when Dr. Sarno’s treatment approaches were compared to conventional treatment of back pain, his patients had far better success in both the relief of pain and quality of life. Today, Dr. Sarno’s theory of chronic pain is widely accepted, and many top-notch rehabilitation clinics use his approach to manage chronic pain patients.

Best of all, his treatments are less expensive, non-invasive and do not involve the use of expensive prescription drugs. For many patients with chronic pain, Dr. Sarno’s breakthrough in understanding the role of the brain in pain has provided a new lifeline to patients who have seen no success with conventional therapies. These patients no longer have to take multiple prescription drugs with a variety of side effects or undergo needle injections into the spine with steroids.

Dr. Sarno’s approach to back pain is very simple. The first part of the treatment is education. Patients need to know that they do not have to live with back pain forever. Understanding how emotional issues can cause back pain is important because avoidance of these issues can resolve chronic pain.

Dr. Sarno has stressed many times in his book Healing Back Pain that Tension Myositis Syndrome is ‘a change of state in the muscle that is painful’ and this pain can manifest itself in many ways.

The second thing that people should learn is that just because they are experiencing pain does not mean there is something physically wrong with them. In many cases, avoiding stress and changing lifestyle are all that is needed to ease this pain. The goal is to understand those issues, learn to deal with anger, anxiety, and rage and help yourself overcome life events and experiences that have forced your brain to use pain as a substitute. You have to learn to manage these factors because Dr. Sarno believes they can trigger your pain.

Dr. Sarno believes that one should not repress or squash emotions as they often present in alternative ways like pain, numbness or tingling. The more one learns to control one’s emotional state of mind, the better one feels, and their quality of life improves.

It is time you educate yourself about TMS and Dr. Sarno’s theory. It is time you took the reins of your life in your hand. It is time you take the plunge and resolve the underlying emotional issues that are controlling your mind and your body. Seek help from life coaches like Cecilia Collar. Read books and articles about TMS. Educate yourself and then implement TMS healing strategies to overcome pain.

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