Many people with chronic afflictions live their life in constant pain. Day in and day out, they are held in pain’s grasp. They may be suffering from Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) and not even know it. However, I’m here to tell you that there is a way out—there is a way to have a  no pain life. There is a way to overcome the torment that your mind may be wreaking on your body.

The Mind Body Syndrome

TMS is also referred to as the Mind Body Syndrome. The name is fitting because the syndrome recognizes the link between our minds and our bodies. The theory is that our mind may close off parts of our memories or emotions in order to protect our conscious self from pain. The mind categorizes those events as too painful for us to handle. Instead, it hides them away and provides distractions instead—in the form of pain.

The term was first introduced by Dr. Sarno, a doctor specializing in back pain. He created a theory of pain management and treatment strategies for patients struggling with TMS. His singular goal was to find a way to provide his patients with long-term relief from their pain. By using Dr. Sarno’s methods and treatment strategies, you too can start on the journey towards a pain-free life.

Finding Your True Pain Source

The most important thing to do—the first step in the journey that must be completed—is to locate your true pain source. Without finding out what is causing you pain and stress, you cannot apply the methods and strategies in order to stop it. There are three methods that I found helpful in finding my true pain source. Maybe they will help you as well.

Journaling: Sometimes our true pain sources are hidden from us, buried deep in our subconscious mind. Journaling can be an excellent way to bring some of those repressed memories or feelings to the surface. My own journaling experience led me to discovering events which I thought I had moved past but clearly–deep in my subconscious–I had not. Try to write in a journal daily, about the emotions you are feeling, about what is causing you stress in your life. Journaling is also great for relieving some of the tension you might accumulate in your day to day life. It’s a great outlet for daily frustrations as well as a tool for finding repressions.

Reflecting: Often, people may not know all of their pain sources. This is where reflecting comes in. This method can be done alone or with a friend. Personally, I used a mirror to release my repressed rage and frustration. Think about why you may be feeling the way you are. Open up your mind to the possibilities and try to release what you’ve been holding inside. A good guided cry facing yourself in the mirror can be very liberating. If you have a good support system, you can also talk through things with a trusted friend or family member. After identification, you can work on acceptance and retraining your brain away from repressing painful memories, moving instead towards a healthy way of dealing with them.

Meditation: Daily meditation is an easy, simple and relaxing mind training exercise which can help you enter your subconscious mind while also relieving tension. Meditation doesn’t have to be fancy, difficult or long. It can be five minutes in your favorite chair, connecting to your breathing, finding peace within your mind and relaxing the stress held in your body. While meditation may not work alone, it definitely can help alleviate your pain along the way.

Start Living Again

These methods will greatly help you in your journey to no pain. By finding your true pain source, you can start towards the pain-free life you deserve. To get there, you just need to find your true pain source, deal with the past emotions and create healthier ways to deal with present or future emotions. Today is the day to start living your life again—without pain.

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