Tension myositis syndrome (TMS) occurs when you experience pain in your body which is caused psychosomatically — from your mind. This may sound far-fetched but it really isn’t. Think of all the times that worrying about an exam has made us feel sick or every time a bad event has left us also feeling pain such as a stomachache or headache? We may not always think this way but already most of us acknowledge that the mind and the body’s reaction are linked.

For instance, our thoughts and underlying emotions may cause such symptoms as: chest pain, fatigue, edema, back pain, insomnia, numbness, cough, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, weight loss and constipation. It isn’t that we can just think, “I want to have a headache,” and then our body delivers us a headache. It’s more complex than that.

Over time, as bad things — failed exams, loss of loved ones, rejection letters, etc. — happen to us, we experience those negative events in the present, but also on into the future as well. That’s right. Our minds are completely incapable of letting most negative things go. Sure, there are exceptions, but often, our mind is storing those experiences away for eternity.

Here’s how that unfortunate sorting process goes. In your mind there is essentially a “deal with this now” side (the conscious) and the “put it in a box and never open it again” side (the subconscious). When your mind has you deal with it now, that’s how you get grief, emotional outbursts and angry shouting. When your mind stores it away for later, that’s how those same emotions can build up secretly in the back of your mind without you even knowing about it.

When too many of those negative emotions are stored away and not dealt with, that’s how you end up with some spilling over into your conscious mind. You may realize you feel a certain way then pull that thread and trace thoughts all the way back and back and back to a long time ago. That bottling up of emotions can cause psychosomatic symptoms when they are finally all dug up. That’s one reason why your psychosomatic symptoms may be occurring.

Another reason why they may be happening is due to two opposite thoughts occurring at the same time in the mind. Indecision. Questioning. Strife. Chaos. This inability to align and agree can cause massive amounts of stress in the mind. This then causes emotional turmoil and mental anxiety happens. This strife also causes psychosomatic symptoms.

It’s your mind’s inability to deal with the negative memories and events which have happened to you which cause the psychosomatic repercussions. Headaches born from failure. Back pain caused by striving for perfection and making mistakes. Stomachaches created from recent events which remind you of past trauma. The mind has recorded everything and some of it can cause immense pain. Really, the mind is a complex place full of memories past and present, with emotions as a current running between them all.

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